Benefits of CSU-UPI Membership




by Bob Bionaz, Past President, UPI-CSU Chapter, 5/3/18


1. The union works to secure a fair contract from the University that is economically beneficial and protects your rights as an employee.

2. In the event the University breaches the contract and causes you harm, the local and chapter leadership will fight for you, all the way to arbitration if necessary, with the ultimate goal being to make you whole again.

3. The union through its chapter leadership works behind the scenes to resolve conflicts between employees and the administration on an informal basis, with the goal there to avoid acrimonious and costly formal grievance processes.

4. The union through its chapter leadership also uses these informal channels to resolve issues that are beyond the scope of the contract. Recently, we worked to eliminate the 18-pay period mandate so troublesome for our members, and to move the university away from the advising fiasco that caused so much student disaffection. Earlier, we were successful in preventing an arbitrary and retaliatory department relocation ordered by the administration.


5. Since the faculty and staff here have no formal access to the Board of Trustees, through its chapter leadership our union also functions as spokesperson for the membership—faculty and ASP’s at Chicago State. While sometimes futile, this effort allows us to speak to the Board directly about issues of concern to our members.

6. At the state level, our union uses funds voluntarily contributed by members to support political candidates who share our priorities and to advocate for legislation benefitting not just our members, but all working people in Illinois.

7. In troubled times, we stand with the 3,000 members of our local working at CSU, Northeastern Illinois, Governors State, Eastern and Western Illinois, UI-Springfield, and Northern Illinois. Even after the disaster of Bruce Rauner, these schools still educate more than 56,000 students.

8. The recent budget debacle and the spate of firings/layoffs in 2016, underlined the uncertainty of our positions at CSU, even for those of us with tenure. If the same circumstances arise again, yours could be the next head on the chopping block.


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