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A nominations committee is appointed. Chapter presidents will forward to the UPI Local office the names and contact info of chapter notminations committee persons.

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01/16 to 02/26

The chapter nominations committees
solicit recommendations from members and draw up slates of candidates for chapter and local offices.

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01/16 to 02/26

The chapter nominations committees hold at least one chapter membership meeting to solicit nominations from the floor.

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Deadline to become a dues member to be eligible to vote in the election. Signed membership forms must be submitted to UPI Local office. Membership list will be frozen until after the Election.

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Chapter nominatons commitees submit all nominatons and the name of the chapter observer to the UPI Chicago office.

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Candidate's statements are due in the UPI Local office. Statements are limited to 150 words and will be cut off if over the limit.

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Candidate's statements will be posted on UPI website -

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03/20 to 03/30

Ballots are mailed to members' home addresses.

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Postmark deadline for return of ballots.

Position Descriptions


A. The president shall provide leadership in executing the policies and objectives of the Chapter and UPI.

B. The president shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board, the Leadership Council, the Chapter House of Delegates, and the membership as a whole.

C. The president shall, with the approval of the Executive Board, appoint the chairpersons of all standing and ad hoc committees, the Chief Negotiator, and the negotiating team.

D. The president shall serve on the UPI Executive Board, with the specific responsibility for effective communication between the Chapter and UPI


A. In the event of the temporary absence of the President, one of the Vice-Presidents, to be decided by the Executive Board, shall assume the duties of the President on an interim basis. 

B. The Vice-Presidents drawn from the tenure-track faculty, the temporary faculty and the academic support staff shall have the responsibility for effective communication between their respective group and the chapter. 


A. The treasurer shall keep records of all receipts and expenditures of chapter funds.

B. The treasurer shall maintain and provide accurate unit, member, and nonmember lists for the chapter, for UPI and for the national AFT office.

C. The treasurer shall provide written financial reports to the chapter and to UPI, at least quarterly

D. The treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the leadership council


A. The secretary shall prepare minutes of the meetings of the executive board, the leadership council, and the chapter as a whole.

B. The secretary shall help in the preparation of the chapter newsletter.

Representative to the UPI Executive Board

Shall serve on the UPI Executive Board with the specific responsibility for effective communication between the chapter and the UPI. The Executive Board shall have the following powers and responsibilities (excerpts from the UPI Local 4100 Constitution):

  1. To formulate, approve and ensure the execution of the policies of UPI based on continuing advice from the University Chapters both through the Executive Board and through UPI committees;

  2. To implement the resolutions of the membership or delegate conventions so as to most effectively accomplish the goals of UPI; to sign contracts with the officers of the Local and professional employees and make and provide such adjustments in their salaries and working conditions as the Executive Board deems proper and necessary;

  3. To supervise the work of UPI committees and officers, hear regular reports of their work, and act on those reports and on recommendations of the committee and officers;

  4. To approve appointments as specified by this Constitution;

  5. To appoint special committees of UPI where necessary to carry out the work of UPI;

  6. To supervise the preparation of the annual budget, and approve it;

  7. To supervise the expenditures of funds by the UPI Secretary-Treasurer within the guidelines established by the UPI budget;

  8. To authorize unusually large expenditures of funds which go beyond the limits established by the UPI budget in the event that such expenditures are necessary and financially responsible;

  9. To establish and supervise official publications of UPI.

Section 4.

The Executive Board shall normally convene 6 times a year. The time and
date will be published at least six months in advance (subject to change with
reasonable notice). The location and agenda will be published at least 1 week in advance.

Section 8.

It is the responsibility of those Executive Board members representing a Chapter to regularly inform their Chapter constituency concerning Executive Board business, and to specifically solicit Chapter advice on such significant Executive Board decisions as UPI political commitments, policy decisions concerning the public universities, annual budget, or other issues of importance.

House of Delegates

Section 1.

The UPI House of Delegates shall be comprised of the elected members of the UPI Executive Board plus delegates elected by each UPI Chapter according to a ratio of one delegate per 15 Chapter members or major fraction thereof.

Section 2.

Delegates shall be elected to a three-year term of office, which shall coincide with the terms of office of UPI Local and Chapter officers.

Section 3.

The UPI President will call and conduct meetings of the UPI House of Delegates. A two-thirds vote of the UPI Executive Board or a 15% petition by the delegates can also call a meeting.

Section 4.

Regular meetings of the House of Delegates shall be held at least once a year. The agenda for each meeting shall be furnished to delegates one week in advance of regular meetings.

Section 5.

The House of Delegates may make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the establishment of general UPI policy. In the event that the Executive Board votes against a House of Delegates recommendation, the Local President will report to the members of the House of Delegates with an explanation within three weeks of the action. It will also hear reports from the officers on the affairs of the UPI.

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